Current Affairs

Q1) Who has been appointed by Tata AIA Life Limited as its Managing Director (MD) & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?

A.Rishi Srivastava                                           B.Naveen Tahilyani

C.Saurabh Agrawal                                                      D.Harish Bhat

Q2) Which digital payment platform has launched vehicle insurance in partnership with Acko General Insurance?

A.PhonePe                                                 B.Google Pay

C. Paytm                                                                      D.Amazon Pay

Q3) Largest Solar Power Plant of Indian Navy has been commissioned at Indian Naval Academy located in which state?

A.Kerala                                                 B.Maharashtra

C.Andhra Pradesh                                                        D.Tamil Nadu

Q4) Who has been appointed an honorary adviser to the steering committee for the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) young leaders for the period 2020-2023?

A.Anand Shukla                                                          B.Sahil Seth

C.Vijay Sinha                                                              D.Vishal Talreja

Q5) Sripali Weerakkody has announced her retirement from International Cricket with immediate effect. She hails from which country?

A.India                                                                        B.South Africa

C.Bangladesh                                                               D.Sri Lanka

Q6) Which NBFC has launched the portal “RestartIndia” for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector?

A.Cholamandalam                                           B.HDB Finance Services

C.Muthoot Finance Ltd                                              D.Aditya Birla Finance Ltd

Q7) Which state has announced a 2-year jail term, Rs 1 lakh fine for violating Covid-19 norms?

A.Odisha                                                         B.Jharkhand

C.Uttar Pradesh                                                            D.Madhya Pradesh

Q8) Partha Pratim Sengupta has been appointed the new Managing Director And Chief Executive Officer of which bank?

A.Yes Bank                                             B.Federal Bank

C.Bank of Baroda                                                        D.Indian Overseas Bank

Q9) Which country has amended its General Financial Rules to restrict public procurement from its neighbouring countries?

A.China                                                      B.Russia

C.India                                                                        D.Bangladesh

Q10) ICICI Lombard in collaboration with which among the following has launched Hospital Daily cash benefit?
A.PhonePe                                                     B.Paytm

C.Bhim                                                                        D.Google Pay

Q11) Which has become the first Indian port to sign the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi)?

A.Kandla Port                                                 B.Adani Port

C.Jawaharlal Nehru Port                                              D.Mumbai Port

Q12) Name the Indian Origin Nurse who was conferred with President’s Award In Singapore for outstanding services?

A.Kala Narayanasamy                               B.Anita Malani

C.Sharmila Iyer                                                            D.Radhikha Singh

Q13) Indian Railways has decided to use radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) for tracking of all wagons by which year?

A.2023                                                                        B.2024

C.2022                                                                         D.2025

Q14) Which country has launched the Jet Zero Council to cut airline emissions?

A.United States                                          B.India

C.Russia                                                                      D.United Kingdom

Q15) The World Anti-Doping Agency has extended the suspension of the National Dope Testing Laboratory (NDTL) of which country?

A.Russia                                                                      B.India

C.China                                                                       D.Indonesia

Q16) Which state has launched e-Sachivalaya portal to help people to take online appointments for virtual meetings with the Chief Minister?

A.Punjab                                                                      B.Gujarat

C.Uttarakhand                                                             D.Haryana

Q17) Which Space Agency will launch ASTHROS Mission from Antarctica in December 2023? A.NASA                                                           B.ISRO

  1. AXA                                                                        D.Roscosmos
  • ASTHROS – Astrophysics Stratospheric Telescope for High Spectral Resolution Observations at Submillimeter-wavelengths.

Q18) Who is the author of the book “The Pandemic Century”?

A.Swapneil Parikh                                                       B.David Quammen

C.Mark Honigsbaum                                                  D.Elizabeth Kolbert

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