Unlike both Tier-I and Tier-II, Tier-III is of descriptive nature. A few years back, SSC (Staff Selection Commission) used to take interviews or personality tests. But in recent years, there is a stage of checking the writing skills of the candidates. Exam Gossip is always here to support your preparation and this time, we have come up with the free study materials for SSC CGL Tier-III exam. It consists of two questions each carries 50 marks and this 100 marks can be a game-changer for anyone in the final selection.

Important PDF links for SSC CGL/CHSL Descriptive examination:

1. Essay & Letter Writing Material of KD Campus Handwritten Notes (in English)Click here
2. Essay Writing Material by Dristi IAS (in Hindi)Click here
3. Essay Writing Material by SriRam IAS (in English)Click here
4. Letter Writing Material of Platform Coaching (in English)Click here
5. Letter Writing Material of Platform Coaching (in Hindi)Click here
6. Essay Writing Material by Singh Bhupi (in English- 21 Topics)Click here
7. Essay Writing Material by Singh Bhupi (in Hindi- 19 Topics)Click here
8. Essay Writing Material (in Hindi- 14 Topics)Click here
9. Essay and Letter Writing Material (in Hindi)Click here
10. Essay Writing Material by Chandrajyoti Guddu (in Hindi – 20 Topics)Click here
11. Letter Writing Material by Ankul Sir (in English)Click here
12. Essay Writing Material by Exam Forum (in Hindi – 8 Topics)Click here
13. Essay and Letter Writing Material Compiled by PK Setu (in English)Click here
14. Essay Writing Material (in Hindi- 8 Topics)Click here

New Letter format: Link
New Essay format: Link

Tier-III being descriptive is very challenging for those who do not understand the nature of the exam. This exam demands practice and knowledge as well. The mode of the Tier-III exam is offline. The offline pen and paper-based exam also test a candidate’s ability to form opinions and arguments on certain topics. This could be done by essay writing or letter writing. The exam also aims to evaluate your grammar and how you convey your ideas in a precise manner.

ALL THE BEST for your upcomming exams.

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