Every mock (test series) has its own merits and demerits. In the end, aspirants have to decide considering all factors on which one they want to rely on.

– Practice regular mocks and their proper analysis is a key to success. Make a list of topics which is taking more time every time or either you aren’t able to solve it and then start working on those topics separately.

– Do not waste much time on a single question. It was seen in SSC CGL 2017 paper that aspirants spend a lot of time on the difficult question and at the end, they end up leaving the easier ones.


  • PROS:
    1. Best Analysis is given by them. There UI(its android app experience is miles ahead ) is far more ahead than any other in this industry.

    2. The number of users is more in testbook. It helps you to understand aspirants where they actually lie in competition.

    3. Same level of questions as faced in actual examination (Tier 1).

    4. Provide complete exam package with all previous year papers at affordable pricing.

  • CONS:
    1. Easier level than actual examination (Tier 2 ).

    2. Repeated questions in mocks.

    3. Sometime GK section looks irrelevant but they have improved it a lot in recent times.

SSC Tube

  • PROS:
    1. UI is pretty close to the actual interface in the examination.

    2. Variable level of mocks [ It has some of the toughest as well as some of the easiest mocks in its arsenal ].

    3. Moderate cost.

    4. In Free mock, you will find a competitive crowd like real examinations. Quality of question is very good in those free mocks.

  • CONS:
    1. Its mobile interface is the worst.

    2. Tests given over laptop/ desktop are not available for analysis over the app and vice versa.

    3. Also, most of the time, provided solutions are not correct, which adds to confusion while analysing the tests.

    4. Sometimes they make very irrelevant mocks in the free section.


  • PROS:
    1. Versatile question bank.

    2. Their questions are designed by experts. Usually, they twist or extend the question which was asked in the previous year.

    3. Free quizzes are very good. It consists of a previous year question as well as new questions.

    4. In their app, many students participate to discuss & clear their doubts, along with that the faculties here guide you through all the preparation difficulties & share the important strategies & updates.

  • CONS: UI and test experience isn’t comparable to Testbook. One can take the test while travelling in a metro/cab on a testbook app which isn’t the case with other apps (I don’t recommend studying or taking tests while travelling but if one is short of time, one has to make the best use of the available time at hand).

ADDA 247

  • PROS:
    1. Daily quizzes are updated which is completely free. One can give them for quick practice.

    2. Level of questions in mocks is Moderate.

    3. Analysis part is just ok.

  • CONS:
    1. One must have to take care while choosing packs as you may find Same mocks with different branding.

    2. Not much exam people are taking their mocks. So their ranking will not help you much.

    3. They are bank exam-focused more.

KD Campus

1. Mock’s level is a bit above to the real exam level.

2. No of exam takers are comparatively good as their student are all over India.

3. Level of questions is moderate to difficult in their mocks.

1. Analysis part is not good. They just give you a solution nothing else.

2. One can find some questions wrong but it will check whether you can leave it or not without wasting much time.

3. Costly test packages.

4. They have difficult set in their test series and consequent low score may demotivate you.

Mothers Coaching Centre

– Level of questions is very good.

– Their mocks are balanced one which is a mixture of some easy, moderate and difficult question.

– You might get unlucky and the exam is tough, in this case, the test series might help you handle the pressure.

– Analysis of exam is comparatively better than other Test series except for testbook.

To summarize, one should buy any mock package from 2 test series portal and give at least 15 Tests from each website for a wholesome preparation.

I will update rest after taking mocks from another Website portal too.

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